I haven’t really been into the whole I want to read a book for the past couple of months. I had been swamped with a lot of homework and just in a zone where I didn’t want to do anything which is no real excuse but is what happened. I am back to reading and am nearly through with the book {The Last Song: Nicholas Sparks} {03.23.2012}. I am not sure what I plan to read next a lot of people are telling me I should read {The Hunger Games: Trilogy} {04.30.2012} mainly because the movie is coming out tomorrow. I am not sure that is what I want to read though at this point. I still need to read {Pretty Little Secrets: Sara Shepard} {04.17.2012} and {City of Fallen Angels: Cassandra Clare} {10.06.12}In order to be caught up with those series. So I think I might finish those series before I move on – however – at this point I am not entirely sure. If anyone has any book suggestions for me I am open to suggestion.