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The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm by Sybrina Durant

Genre: a science fiction/fantasy illustrated book For teens and older readers


“An illustrated unicorn fantasy – from the unicorn’s point of view.”


***Please Note***
This is the “Plain Text” with illustrations version of this book. The illustrations for this book are much smaller than the illustrations for the jpg only version of this book. The print version provides the most pleasurable reading and viewing experience.

This chapter book is a collector’s dream containing page after page of lavish artwork. It contains nearly 100 pages of story text by Sybrina Durant and the same number of pages of magnificent water-color illustrations by Dasguptarts. This book, written by Sybrina Durant and illustrated by Dasguptarts, offers readers a visual feast of over forty beautiful water-color pictures that each span two pages. Forty-two – easy to digest two-page chapters are chock full of adventurous and entertaining morsels. This illustrated book will become a favorite of teens and older fantasy readers. A companion coloring/ character description book is also available at any online bookstore.

Ebook – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Plain-Ilustrations-ebook/dp/B06XD8KZVJ

Ebook (Looks like printed book) – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Illustrated-Book-ebook/dp/B06X416LGX

Audio book (Listen to free sample) – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Osm/dp/B071SDJQNW

Hardcover – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Osm/dp/1942740093

Softcover – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Osm-Illustrated/dp/1535127856

Black and White Print Book – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Black-White/dp/1543073514

Coloring Book – https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Unicorns-Journey-Coloring-Book/dp/1537021842

Soft Cover – Unicorns From Unimaise Children’s Picture Book – https://www.amazon.com/Unicorns-Unimaise-Magical-Metal-Tribe/dp/1548375098

Hard Cover – Unicorns From Unimaise Children’s Picture Book – https://www.amazon.com/Unicorns-Unimaise-Magical-Metal-Horn-Tribe/dp/1942740174

About the Author:

I am the author of the “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox” series of instructional books for boys and girls. I also co-write, edit and publish children’s books by other authors, Sandi Johnson (Children’s books) and Britt Brundige (Tween graphic novel). For the older crowd, there’s a little bit of romance by Historical Regency Romance author, Gina Rose.

I am also the publisher of the 4 volume set – Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus. Check out all of these books and if you like them, please recommend them to other Good Reads members.

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Read below for an excerpt from the book:

The firebird hovered at the entrance of the canyon watching the three of them.


Blue was crunching on a rock. He giggled and said something that sounded like “silly bird” to the pendragon and they all laughed.


It was ridiculous. Girasol felt completely powerless and her feelings were hurt, too. She had no idea how she could help them.


“How can I make them listen to me?” she asked the mountains. Her normally bright orange flames had become a faint red glow.


“You can’t,” a voice which seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time answered. “I have induced hebephrenia into their feeble minds.”


“Who are you and what is heb-phren-whatever you called it?” Girasol flared, melting some of the ice from the nearby rock faces.


“My, aren’t you a hot-head?” the voice chuckled at her display of anger. “I am Yegwa. They call me the spirit of false springtime. I have put your friends and the pendragon under a spell which makes them think this is a wonderful place to live.”


“Let them go,” the firebird demanded, blue-white sparks spouting from her feathered crown. She could not see the spirit and was very frustrated.


“Let them go? I wouldn’t dream of it. It’s not often I have this much fun,” Yegwa said in a voice hungry with anticipation. “My magic doesn’t seem to work on you though,” she said thoughtfully. “It must be that hot blood of yours.”


“What kind of spirit are you? How can you enjoy watching your victims freeze or starve to death?” Girasol asked. “You are so wicked. I don’t know what’s worse—you or that evil sorcerer, Magh,” she shouted disgustedly.


“Magh? Sorcerer? Do tell…he sounds like someone I would like,” Yegwa asked with interest. “Is he single?”


“Single? What?” Girasol blazed. “Forget about Magh! I don’t have time for this back and forth with you.”


“Ooh, well, la-ti-da…aren’t you the peppery dish,” Yegwa said, letting loose a shrill cackle. “If I had teeth, I’d eat you right up!”


“What about my friends?” the firebird asked again. She looked around the top of the canyon walls trying to find the owner of the ghostly voice.


“You’re welcome to keep company with them if you wish. I don’t keep anyone imprisoned, you know,” Yegwa said, trying to sound sugary sweet.


“Thanks a lot,” Girasol said sarcastically. She tapped her head with her right wing, trying to figure out a way to save her friends. “Hot blood. . .hmmm. . .Warmth. . .that’s it,” she realized. “If they’re going to snap out of this, they need to be warm!” she thought suddenly.


They were going to freeze to death if she did not help them soon. She remembered seeing Blue pick up some pepo seeds earlier. She searched the bag hung across his shoulder and brought one out. He was so far gone, he did not even notice her. One seed would give her enough energy for five days. “In this cold, I might need this and more to keep them warm,” she thought, while chewing the seed.


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