{Blog Design: #04}

{A Note} – I know I made this layout awhile ago and I never made the post about where things came from and how the layout came about. I must apologize for that, I have been truly occupied just with my book reviews. There are days I don’t even add the books I read to the navigation pages, just because I’d rather read then work on my blog. I know what a pity? But I am sure you all enjoy being able to read all the great reviews that I post, with that said here is all the new layout information, even though it is sadly close to two months late!

I used twelve different kits when I made this layout. I decided to go with a spring theme even though, it’s not really spring anymore. It’s still cute though isn’t it? I hope everyone enjoys this layout as much as I had enjoyed making it.

The kits I used to make it can be found at: {Some of these unfortunately Can no longer be bought. I have had many of the kits I use for years.}
The Book Club by TBorges
In Flowers by TBorges
Book Lover by Neia Arantes Designs
Book Addict by Ju Oliveira Designs
All You Need is Books by Ju Oliveira Designs
Alpha – Colorpop by S. Clingerman
Pieces of Me by Cinnamon Scraps
Hello Sunshine by Nitwit Scraps
12 Months June by Penny Springman
Put on a Happy Face by Traci Reed
From Me to You by Dunia Designs
Tweet, Tweet by Just so Scrappy

I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is do – whenever I make a new banner I will be making a post similar to this one to let everyone know where the supplies had come from and who the actual copyright belongs to.