{The Prince of Denial: Doug Wilhelm}

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{The Prince of Denial: Doug Wilhelm}The Prince of Denial by Doug Wilhelm
Published by Long Stride Books on October 7, 2013
Genres: Abuse, Drama, Middle School, Other, Young Adult
Pages: 212
Format: eBook
Source: Netgalley
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5 Stars

The Prince of Denial is a YA novel that portrays the impacts on young teenagers of living with an alcoholic or addicted parent. Recruited to play a key role in an intervention that will confront his dad’s drinking and drug use, Casey at first refuses, then begins to break through to the reality that his family has never before acknowledged. With multiple characters, a strong vein of humor, and an unexpected outcome, The Prince of Denial is a young adult’s adventure in facing the risks, and discovering the power, of living your truth.

{My Thoughts} – This book is about a thirteen year-old boy named Casey. Casey’s mom and dad split up. Mom took his sister and he was left with dad. This book helps to show the journey that Casey had went on when he was left as the main caregiver to his drunk father. His father took up drinking more and more even so before his mother had left him there to learn to fend for himself. His mother use to make things seem alright and make sure that his father’s issue only affected her and it hadn’t reached beyond the walls of the house. When she left it was up to Casey to keep things right, to make it seem like nothing was wrong, like everything was well and his dad was either asleep or sick in a sense. That was how he’d explain his condition to others.

Casey tried to do everything for his father, he tried to make everything just right. He was scared. Scared that if he didn’t things would be bad for him. His dad never hit him thankfully, but he was extremely verbal. The abuse caused from his drinking was horribly verbal and a lot for a child to handle. Eventually his Aunt starts getting involved and together they come up with a solution is to what they can do to try and help his dad. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

I enjoyed this book, because it showed the more realistic terms as to what can happen when someone drinks so much they allow it to take over their life. It made me sad to read about some of the things that Casey had went through though. It also made me happy to see that even though he had so much bad going on in his life he was still trying to live his live the best he knew how and honestly that is all anyone person can expect after living through so much bad for so long.

This book is honest, remarkably well written and to the point when it comes to what can and cannot happen in such situations.