{The Big Book of Serial Killers: 150 Serial Killer Files of the World’s Worst Murderers: Jack Rosewood & Rebecca Lo}

{Synopsis} – There is little more terrifying than those who hunt, stalk and snatch their prey under the cloak of darkness. These hunters search not for animals, but for the touch, taste, and empowerment of human flesh. They are cannibals, vampires and monsters, and they walk among us. These serial killers are not mythical beastsContinue Reading

{Rewrite Redemption: J.H. Walker}

{Synopsis} –She’s sixteen. He’s seventeen. They don’t know each other…at least not yet. She has a secret and her whole life revolves around keeping it. Every few months and with little warning, she simply disappears, pulled into the past for hours or even days. She’s terrified it will happen in front of someone, changing herContinue Reading

{I Am Alive: Cameron Jace}

{Synopsis} –Every girl dies – not every girl really lives. Sixteen-year-old Decca Tenderstone feels captivated when she meets Leo, who is arrogant, silent, beautiful, and shoots almost every one he meets. the usual boring girl meets badboy story… hmm… with a twist … They live in a dystopian future in Los Angeles where every sixteen-year-oldContinue Reading

{Aftermath: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –After waking from her coma, Hannah must deal with the absence of all the adults she had come to love. She and her new husband, Justin, must work together to rebuild their community and fight to keep everyone together as they struggle to find purpose in their lives after their losses. Will they beContinue Reading

{Dispair: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –With Hannah in a coma, Justin must go on and deal with the potential invasion of their small community by a group of teenage rebels demanding food. Spirits all around are at an all-time low due to the deaths of over half of their people. The fate of their community rests in Justin’s hands,Continue Reading