Unpopular: Kevin Richey}

{Synopsis} –Sam Cohen is the most popular boy in school: he's attractive, he's top in his class, and he's on track to win a full scholarship to any college of his choice. But just when he's on top, his entire world turns upside-down. Suddenly, he can't stay awake in any of his classes. His temperContinue Reading

{Uninvited: Kevin Richey}

{Synopsis} –What if you could become the girl he left you for? After her boyfriend dumps her, perfectionist and overachiever Jacqueline White obsessively compares herself to his new girlfriend, the sloppy and irresponsible Becka. But when she wakes up in Becka's body to find they have switched places, she has a choice to make—should sheContinue Reading

{Unpretty: Kevin Richey}

{Synopsis} –What if you could become thin overnight? Katherine Blythe is an overweight teenager who, on her sixteenth birthday, wishes to be thin, only to find her wish coming true with alarming side effects. As she loses over half her bodyweight in the span of a week, she finds the world is a different placeContinue Reading